The NMTSGA 2016/2017 Budget


A letter from the NMTSGA President

Every semester, as part of our payment to New Mexico Tech, each student pays what is called the student activities fee. That fee comes to the SGA and is used to support student life at NMT. This is done through the events that are put on by the SAB and the SAC, funding for clubs, and several grants that the SGA offers.  It is my job as president of the SGA to make sure that this funding is used as best as possible to both represent the students of NMT and the university. To help the president do this and represent all students on campus, a group of 50 students work to help make sure student life is better for everyone at Tech. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the budget and what the SGA does, please feel free to contact me.
Gabriel Montoya
SGA President |

The total budget breakdown is as follows:


SGA Budget by Department

This data is pulled from a publicly shared table prepared by the SGA Chief Financial Officer. The entire spreadsheet can be found here.